Super Mable Ski tube 53-2220

Super Mable ski tube by Sportsstuff model 53-2220- At Boat Tube we have the lowest prices and best deals on Sportsstuff inflatable tube products.

The super mable ski tube is the most popular inflatable of its kind.

This Mable holds up to three riders and can be towed from multiple points for never-ending fun on the water. This ski tube is one of the most popular inflatables on the market. With the multiple tow points the Super Mable can be pulled from the front turning this ski tube into a very comfortable towable to ride. Turn it around and pull this boat tube from the rear and you have the feeling of riding a sled, or a "Chariot" and can be used for many unique and wild rides. By far the Sportsstuff Super Mable is one of the best tubes you can buy.

Looking for some fun?

Below are some suggestions on how to fly your tubes. However, you must have the right tube to get started. Below are tubes that are designed for flight:

1. Wego Kite Tube - (Recalled from Manufacturer - DO NOT USE)

2. Wet-N-Wild Flyer - Great Flight

3. Patriot Air Glider (No Longer in Production) - Good Flight

4. Frequent Flyer - Good Flight

5. Stunt Flyer - Good Flight

Tips to Become a Better Pilot:

First, Read and follow the manufacturers operation manual. Second, flying takes some skill from the rider. The rider will have to experiment on how to pull up on the tube, lean back, etc. In general, try sitting back on the tube as far as possible so that the front becomes light.

Just as science can be found in chaos, there’s an art to driving tubers. Sharp turns, multiple donuts and jammed throttles are nothing but gobbledygook on the water. A dazzling tube show takes finesse and creativity at the wheel. Nobody knows how to combine those skills like the Reids, the husband-and-wife team whose company, Launch, creates the Sportsstuff videos. Here’s how they turn simple tube rides into scenes good enough for a 30-minute thriller.

It sounds ridiculous when Stacey says, “I can get people hovering above the water for 200 yards.” But Stacey has created her own little textbook for this maneuver.

Boat direction: Head straight into the wind.

Rider tip: Ride on your stomach with your weight shifted as far back on the tube as possible, while pulling on the front handles.

Best tube: Use a round, deck-style tube.

Desired result: If the front of the tube is lifted slightly off the water at the beginning of the ride, the wind and boat speed will eventually create lift. Next thing you know, the tube is flying. It’s more of a horizontal flight than vertical.

Safety: Maintain a steady speed and a straight path. Any sudden movements could create an air shift, sending the rider into a splash landing.

Super Mable tube

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