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Ski Tubes, Inflatable Tubes, Boat Tubes, whatever you call them, the names are synonymous to Fun! And Boat Tube has them all!

Ski tubes from SportsStuff - the premier leader in inflatable tubes. SportsStuff tubes are known in the boating industry as one of the best boating tubes on the market.

Ski Tubes come in a variety of sizes and designs. However, one thing is for sure, Ski Tubes by SportsStuff are quality!

Check out the details below which are common among the SportsStuff Ski Tube Line Up:

Ski Tube Specifications from the "My-T-Tube" series include:

Double-Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Pads
Double-Stitched Partial Nylon Cover
P.U. Fabric Coating
Tow Rope Holster
Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder
2 Chambers (main & safety)
Inflated “Standing- Room Only” (SRO) Floor (select models)
Self Bailing Drain Vent
Off-Shore Boarding Ladder (select models)
Multi-Speed Valve
Reinforced Tow System
Inflatable Backrests and seats (select models)

At Boat Tube we carry all of the SportsStuff line of Ski Tubes and accessories.

Below is a list of some of the available SportsStuff Inflatable Tubes and products:

Gyro - Sumo - Nuclear Globe

HALFPIPES: - Thrash - Rampage - Frantic

MABLES: - Big Mable - Super Mable - Great Big Mable

SPEEDZONES: - Speed Zone 1 - Speed Zone 2 - Speed Zone 3

DECK TUBES: - Airforce - Stunt Flyer - Frequent Flyer - Wet-N-Wild

MY-T TUBES: l - Zip Ski - Rascal - Big Red - Big Bertha

ROUNDABOUTS: - Crazy 8 - Trilogy - Posse

CONCEPTS: -  Outlaw


PVC TUBES: - Sportstube


LIFE VESTS: - Neoprene

FISHING: - PRO Fish Float O - PRO Fish Float U - Pontoon - Power Pontoon

SNOW SPORTS: - Rapid Runner - Nordic Extreme - Nordic Express - Fury - Rush - Slalom - Giant Slalom - Wiz - Zip - Jet - Propedo -Lugz - Gizmo - Rally - Amerisport - Yukon

RIVER TUBING: - Playmate - Xplorer - River Rover - Trek N Tube -Hydro 1 - Hydro 2 - Hydro 3 - Hydro 4

ACCESSORIES: - 2k Rope - 4k Rope - 6k Rope - Repair Adhesive -303 Fabric Guard - Air Compressor Adapter

PUMPS: - 12V Pump - LP1 Hand Pump - LP4 Electric Pump -Supreme Electric Pump

TRAMPOLINES: - 10' Play Station - 12' Play Station - Super Slope

PET BEDS: - Small - Medium - Large - X Large

POOLS: - Supa Vac

LOUNGES: - Siesta Folding Lounge - Feel Good Lounge - Feel Good Double Lounge - Feel Good Big Chair - Feel Good Double Chair - Feel Good Chair - Feel Good Mini Lounge - Feel Good Cot -Feel Good Hammock


EXPERT ADVICE FOR CREATING WILD SKI TUBE RIDES - Courtesy of boating life magazine 2002

Just as science can be found in chaos, there's an art to driving tubers. Sharp turns, multiple donuts and jammed throttles are nothing but gobbledygook on the water. A dazzling tube show takes finesse and creativity at the wheel. Nobody knows how to combine those skills like Tom and Stacey Reid, the husband-and-wife team whose company, Launch, creates the hair-raising Sportsstuff videos. Here's how they turn simple tube rides into scenes good enough for a 30-minute thriller.

Driving Tip

Building momentum in the tube is key. The only way to do that is to keep tension in the line, so stay on the throttle to avoid slack.

Touch and Go Method: One of the old standbys for tube drivers is the donut run. Spin around in a circle and see if the rider can hang on. That's fine, unless you're sharing the lake with any other boaters. In that case, our expert drivers like to send tubers hopping back and forth behind the boat. "Riders like this a lot better than the donuts anyway," says Stacey.

Lift Off Method: It sounds ridiculous when Stacey says, "I can get people hovering above the water for 200 yards." But Stacey has created her own little textbook for this maneuver.

*As seen in Boating Life, May 2002


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