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Inflatable Tubes, Ski Tubes, Boat Tubes, towables, whatever you call them, the names are synonymous to Fun! And we have them all for your boat or jet ski!

Inflatable tubes from SportsStuff, Airhead and Connelly - the leaders in Ski Tubes for boats and jetskis.

These tubes are known in the boating industry as the most inovative boating tubes on the planet.

Each of the Inflatable Tubes from these manufacturers come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. One thing is for sure, Inflatable Tubes by SportsStuff, Airhead and Connely are about the best you'll find. Check out the details below which are common among each Inflatable Tube Line Up:

Specifications from the "World Class" series include:

Double-Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Pads
Double-Stitched Nylon Full Cover with YKK Zipper
Tow Rope Holster
P.U. Fabric Coating
Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder
"Standing Room Only" Infalated Floor (select models)
Off-Shore Boarding Ladder (select models)
Inflatable seats and backrests (select models)
Multi-Speed Valve
Self-Bailing Drain Vent
Reinforced Tow System

At Boat Tube we carry all of the SportsStuff , Airhead and Connelly line of Inflatable Tubes and accessories.

For example , below is a list of some of the available SportsStuff Ski Tubes and products:

Gyro - Nuclear Globe - Sumo -

HALFPIPES: -  Rampage - Frantic

MABLES:  - Big Mable - Super Mable - Great Big Mable

SPEEDZONES: - Speed Zone 1 - Speed Zone 2 - Speed Zone 3

DECK TUBES: - Airforce - Stunt Flyer - Frequent Flyer - Wet-N-Wild

MY-T TUBES: - Zip Ski - Rascal - Big Red - Big Bertha - Titan - Crew


RIVER TUBING: - Trek N Tube -Siesta lounge

ACCESSORIES: - 2k Rope - 4k Rope - 6k Rope - Repair Adhesive - 303 Fabric Guard - Air Compressor Adapter

PUMPS: - 12V Pump - LP1 Hand Pump - LP4 Electric Pump - Supreme Electric Pump

TRAMPOLINES: - 10' Play Station - 12' Play Station

LOUNGES: - Siesta Folding Lounge - Feel Good Lounge - Feel Good Double Lounge - Feel Good Big Chair - Feel Good Double Chair - Feel Good Chair - Feel Good Mini Lounge - Feel Good Cot - Feel Good Hammock

Tips for your Towable:

How do you recommend storing a product when it is not in use?

We recommend storing our products in a location that isn't affected by extreme temperatures of hot and cold. If exposed to extreme temperatures for a period of time can cause damage to the product. Place the product in a container that will not allow it to be damaged by rodents or other animals. Please store the pool after it is completely dry. If you store a product when it is wet it may retain mold and mildew.

Are there any special measures that need to be taken to protect the tube or cover?

Sportsstuff products are treated with UV protector on both the tube and the cover. Avoid leaving the product in the sun for long periods of time. Please be sure to store the product in a cool and dry place which has limited sun exposure. We sell 303 Fabric Guard, which can be applied additionally to the product to increase the longevity of the product.

If I leave my product in the sun for a period of time can this damage my product?

It is recommended to store your product in a cool and dry place when it is not in use. Please do not leave the product in the sun for long periods of time as it may damage the product.

Does Sportsstuff carry replacement parts? If so, how can I obtain them?

Sportsstuff does carry replacement parts for a large majority of their products. Please contact us directly at 931-858-2628 to place your order of parts. Please have the model number or product description handy so that we can better serve you.

Inflatable Tubes Lowest Prices!

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