Great Big Mable Ski tube 53-2218

The Great Big Mable boat tube is a great multi-rider inflatable water tube. The Great Big Mable ski tube makes playing in the water fun! This towable holds one to four riders and can be towed from multiple points for never-ending fun on the water. This boat tube is one of the most popular inflatables on the market. The Great Big Mable boat tube is versitile so it can appeal to different riding styles. This inflatable ski tube can be pulled from the front, with its multiple tow points, turning this water toy in to a very comfortable ride. Turn the Great Big Mable around and pull it from the rear and you have the feeling of riding a sled, or a "Chariot" and can be used for many unique and wild rides. The Great Big Mable by Sportsstuff is one of the best water toys you can buy. Inflatable ski tubes vary in size and function. The Great Big Mable is one of the few that can serve to different purposes. This inflatable towable can provide a fun, relaxing ride or a little more aggressive ride by simply turning it around. The Mable series by Sportsstuff is made in a one person, two person, three person, and four person as well. The Mable is the one person option. The Big Mable is the two person option. The Super Mable is the three person option, and the Great Big Mable is the four person option.

Some things to consider with this water toy choice would be where you want to inflate it. A tube this size can be some what cumbersom on a boat, so ideally you would want to purchase a pump that will inflate and deflate on the watercraft. There are several air pump choices. If you wish to inflate the float on your watercraft, there are pumps that hook in to a cigarette lighter adapter and some stronger, faster pumps that hook directly to your battery. If you wish to inflate the float before going on the water, there are several choices for pumps that plug directly in to the wall. Most pumps inflate and deflate the floats which makes it easier for storage. Also condsider the rope you will use. The Great Big Mable requires at least a 4-k rope (4000 tensile strength). You can use up to a 6-k rope as well. You can purchase both the pump and air pump along with the tube and receive free shipping in most cases. We also carry a tube keeper which has bungees and suction cups that will allow you to strap most tubes to your boat will in motion. Depending on the size of you boat, the tube keeper may or may not work with a tube this size. There are many water toys on the market. We are bound to have something you will like. Email or call with any questions and our friendly staff will always take the time to answe any questions you may have.

 Great Big Mable Inflatable Ski Tube by Sportsstuff

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