Head-to-Head Comparison of the Fun3 , Super Mable, and HO 3-G

Tube Comparison - Fun3 - Super Mable -3G


Every week we receive many calls from customers asking the differences and advantages to each of these three similar tubes. Each of the three tubes are so close in function and design, that many people wonder which one to choose? Well, at BoatTube we aren't prejedice, we like them all! But we can give you the facts and input from our customers to help you in making your selection.



Fun3First on our list is the Connelly Fun 3. First off Connelly has been in business since 1968 and is one the most trusted names in the industry. With that said, their inflatables are no disapointment to their name. The super high quality Fun 3 by Connelly is a multi-tow tube allowing you to pull the tube from two directions. You can ride it sitting back against the backrest, or turn it around for a wild chariot style ride. The Fun Series by Connelly is  available in a 2 person, 3 person and 4 person capacity. Of course, the one we are reviewing here is the 3 person Fun 3.

Many people comment that they like the curved top on the Fun and find it to be very comfortable and helpful when riding chariot style and especially when being thrown into a tight turn. Also, a great feature that sets the Fun apart is the number of hand straps positioned on the top of the tube. For many people reporting, this makes riding chariot style easier to hang on.... The Fun 3 also has a full one year warranty through the manufacturer.  Another great feature with all Connelly tubes is the ability to order replacement parts such as the cover or the bladder seperately if ever needed.





Super MableSecond on the list is the Super Mable by SportsStuff. As leaders in innovation, SportsStuff always has a fun ride for everyone! The Super Mable is a similar style as the others, offering two tow points and either a sit-back or chariot style ride.One thing that's different on the Super Mable is that it features the grab handles on the inside of the backrest instead of the top. Obviously for use riding chariot style, these two handles along with the handles along the sidewalls of the tube provide the areas to hold on. Although the Super Mable does not have as many handle positions as the Fun3, the handle positions do seem to provide a good hold for riders during a tight turn. Another feature that many like about the SuperMable is the bright orange graphics.



3G Tube by HOThird and final on the list is the 3G by HO. Well, if you haven't heard of HO then you just aren't cool and into boating. HO is one of the pro shop only brands such as Connelly, which  are sold only through specialty retailers like BoatTube.com. HO and Hyperlite are very well known in the watersport industry and are one of the best known professional brand of Wakeboards. With that said, the 3-G is an excellent top quality product. The 3G functions the same as its other two rivals, but stands out as the only one in the bunch with individual arm rests which help hold each rider in position. Many riders comment that this design is extremely comfortable and helps keep the riders from knocking into each other during turns. The 3G also has top hand holds simlar to the Fun 3, and HO's 3G also features a 1-Year Warranty.


So basically there you have it, three tubes with the same basic design and functionality, just a few differences set them apart....... Now we will leave it up to you to decide the winner!

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