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Boat tubes can be a lot of fun and we specialize in tubes from major manufacturers such as Sportsstuff, Airhead, Connelly and more. Boat tubes, ski tubes, inflatable tubes, towable tubes, whatever you call them the names are synonymous to fun. The early style tubes were merely truck tire innertubes, and unbelievably we still receive several calls per season for them. However todays boat tubes are far more sophisticated and unique. There are many different style of ski tubes on the market today. The standard and more common styles would be the round style, such as the Big Bertha, zip ski, rascal, ske pal, titan, crew, pro, riot, chaos, nasty, havoc and the huge maxx. Other common inflatable tubes would be the round abouts such as the crazy 8, trilogy and posse. Each of these exciting round tubes are unique and very durable. In fact some such as the crazy 8 allowing pulling the boat tube from multiple angles, creating an entirely new and unique towable tube.

If you are into the deck style ski tubes, then you may want to consider a ski tube such as the stunt flyer, air force, frequent flyer or the massive wet-n-wild flyer. The term flyer is a great choice as these towables will fly. In fact the newest deck style tube that achieved award winning results was the inflatable called the Wego Kite, and wow what a flight was achieved with this one of a kind inflatable towable boat tube. The wego was the hottest thing on the boating market in 2006, until being recalled by the manufacturer for safety issues. If you have a wego kite tube, stop using it immediately!

Boat tubes can also be steered! Take a look at the extreme slalom chariot if you don't believe it. With the lower fins this chariot style tube can actually be steered by the rider. Just lean in the direction you want it to go and the lower fins will do the carving for you. Also check out the larger versions, the chariot express and chariot excursion.

Do you like the idea of the chariot, well how about the best of both worlds; a chariot and a lounge chair. Well if this sounds interesting then you have to see the mable series. These tubes made their debut in spring of 2004, and the demand hasn't stopped since. The lineup includes the mable, big mable, super mable and the great big mable. These boating tubes are unique in the sense that they allow you to pull from two directions. Pull it from the front and you have what seems to be a lounge style seat. Turn it around and you have a chariot or sled style ride. The mable series boat tubes are some of the best sellers today. And as always from sportsstuff the colors and graphics are impressive.

Another new style tube on the market is the half -pipe. All major ski tube manufacterers now offer some type of half pipe series boating tube. However, some of the best are offered by sportsstuff, the manufacturer of the thrash, rampage, frantic and scrambler half pipe models. Some of these boat tubes also allow a person to tow from multiple directions.

The new speedzone series is also one of the most popular inflatable tubes on the market today. These inflatables provide forward seating with backrests, for a comfortable and incredibly fun ride. The series includes the speedzone 1, speedzone 2, and speedzone 3. These tubes are similar to the now discontinued patriot airglider, patriot solo, patriot duo, patriot trio, and patriot limo models of the past years.

Finally the hottest boat tubes on the market today would have to be the newer concept towables. These include the gyro, sumo, mega bowl and wego kite tube. The gyro is the newer version of the famous twister and orbit, now discontinued. The gyro takes spinning on the water to a new level of excitement. The sumo is the first wearable tube in production.

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